Podcast Episode 1: QBurgh & Pansexuality

In the inaugural episode of the monthly QBurgh pocast, Jeff and Jim explain what and why QBurgh is, talk with a local daughter and mom about finding your identity, and catch up on some local LGBTQ headlines!

Show Notes and articles referenced:

For those interested to learn more about pansexuality, Rachel gave us an introduction: A Brief Intro to Pansexuality

Jason sat down with the stars of “Claws Out: A Holiday Drag Musical: Drag Out the Holly: City Theater Presents Claws Out: A Holiday Drag Musical

Michael Buzzelli told us about the inspiration for his book and that one time he fought over a holiday ham: Origins of a Novel and a Holiday Ham

We gave a shout out to QueerPGH: QueerPgh.com

Chrissy walked us threw the ups and downs of “cuffing” for the holiday season: Tis the Season to Be Cuffed

Mara provided some wonderful photos from the Reel Q Drive-In: The Reel Q Drive-In was a “Scream”

Drew told us about his first kiss that had to be on stage!: Playing Straight for My First Kiss

Momma Kyle tackled the tough subject of cheating — past, present, and future!: Is this Cheating? #Choices with Momma Kyle

The Older Wiser Lesbians told us to look for relationship role models: The OWL: LGBTQ Relationship Role Models

The leathermen brought it together despite COVID to help the kids: TRLC’s Toy Drive Comes “Thru” Despite COVID-19

Lt. Governor John Fetterman continues to be a rock star: Harrisburg Republicans Lose It Over Pride Flags

Donald Trump continues to be a creep: Creep of the Week: Donald Trump

And Billy Porter continues to be fabulous :Billy Porter: Black, Gay, and Out of F*cks

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