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Pittsburgh has a rich history of LGBTQ publications but has lacked a comprehensive news source since 2014. Wonderful, independent zines, newsletters and blogs like QueerPGH, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, Steer Queer, and QueerBurgher have worked tirelessly to celebrate and support our community. From Pittsburgh Gay News to Pittsburgh’s Out and Equal Magazine and everything in between, QBurgh will celebrate our community’s history and support our communities future.

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Always striving to include diverse voices and perspectives.

We want to include your voice! The LGBTQ Community is as diverse as it is colorful and we want to celebrate every aspect of it. Come write for QBurgh and share your opinions and perspectives about the queer community of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

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About the Creators

About Jeff

Jeff Freedman is a Pittsburgh native and is close to entering his fourth decade of volunteerism for the LGBTQ Community.  Jeff is one of the founding members of the Steel City Softball League in 1981 and has been an active member of the LGBTQ Community ever since. Jeff was Pride Parade Chair and you would recognize him by his voice.  He was the loud one on the megaphone lining up all the March participants.  He has a lot of great stories to tell and looks forward to sharing the printable ones with the QBurgh Community.

Photo by Mara Rago

About Jim

Jim Sheppard is a resident of Downtown Pittsburgh. Jim served as a Commissioner on the City of Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission which investigates instances of discrimination in the City of Pittsburgh and recommends necessary protections in our City Code to provide all people in Pittsburgh with equal opportunities. He has worked for Pittsburgh City Council, the Pittsburgh Mayor, and the Allegheny County Controller. For five years he was the President of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats.

Photo by Mara Rago