Harrisburg Republicans Lose It Over Pride Flags

Photo credit Lt. Gov. John Fetterman

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D) flies a pro-marijuana flag, LGBTQ Pride Flag, and a Trans Pride flag from his office’s balcony in the State Capitol Building. That just so happens to be in the prominent location front and center on the Capitol steps.

Now, State Republican legislators want to force the Lt. Governor to take those flags down.

On Friday, State Republicans included a provision in the current budget legislation that would ban the display of “non-approved” flags at the state Capitol Building.

Fetterman says he’ll take the flags down when recreational weed is legal in Pennsylvania and there is equal protection under the law for the LGBTQ Community across Pennsylvania.

In the mean time, Lt. Governor Fetterman has no plans to remove the flags saying, “Are they going to send the gay pride police to come and seize them? I didn’t know we had that division in the state police.”

It also seems like the Lt. Governor has purchased a pair of combination flags to compliment his current collection.

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