Divas Unite! The Allies Free For All Gala – Championing Health, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Allies' Free for All is Friday, May 3. Register to attend for free!


On Friday, May 3, Allies for Health + Wellbeing will hold their annual Allies Free for All. 

The nonprofit, established in 1985, is a healthcare facility that focuses on STI and HIV treatment and testing, and provides these services at an affordable cost. 

“The biggest piece [of healthcare] for us is making sure we can prevent the transmission of any sexually transmitted infection,” says Allies CEO Sean DeYoung. “Getting that message out there has been a big focus for us. So along with the healthcare perspective, we get out there and do community health work.”

The Allies Free For All is a big fundraising event for the organization.

“The money that we raise [in the Free For All] goes directly to the care of the people we take care of,” DeYoung says. “We do a lot with emergency financial assistance, which includes stuff with housing, utilities, basic needs. 100% of the proceeds goes to taking care of the people we serve.” 

At the event, Allies is honoring 10 Bright Young People, as well as Daphne Curges for the Kerry Stoner Award. 

“Kerry Stoner was our first executive director,” DeYoung shares. “We looked at people that are giving to the community, whether it’s through financial means or the work that they do, and this year we are recognizing Daphne Curges.”

The Kerry Stoner Award goes to those who the organization feels embody Stoner’s mission. Stoner was one of the founders of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, and later died of complications from AIDS.

Curges has been both on the staff and board of Allies for Health + Wellbeing, and DeYoung is thrilled to honor her. 

The 10 Bright Young People consist of people under 40 years old whose work in diversity, equity, and inclusion got them nominated and chosen to be honored at the event. 

“Every person aligns with what we do at Allies,” DeYoung says. “I can’t say enough how much I appreciate how much effort they give to what we do and just getting the message out there and getting people protected.” 

Each year, the Free For All has a theme – this year’s is “Night of a Thousand Divas.” According to the Allies website, “Rather than selecting Britney, Dolly, Madonna, Cher or Aretha, we challenge our guests to define and portray their own historic or fictional diva.”

“[The Allies Free For All] is pretty spectacular,” DeYoung says. “It really is meant to wrap around the folks that we care for, and that’s what we do. We’re a nonprofit that’s been around for a long time. Everything we do or raise goes to care for our people.” 

The Allies Free For All takes place next Friday, May 3 at the Buhl Community Park.


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