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Since October 11, 2020, QBurgh has reported on the topics important to the LGBTQ community of Pittsburgh, maintained the most comprehensive community directory of LGBTQ Pittsburgh resources and businesses, and listed over 2,000 events for the LGBTQ community of Pittsburgh completely free of charge to the general public.

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Not only does QBurgh report daily on QBurgh.com and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Threads, but the twice-annually printed magazine is available completely free at LGBTQ locations, the Carnegie Library branches, and select Giant Eagle and Shop N Saves across the region.

The Q Archives

Since 1973, Pittsburgh LGBTQ publications have served as a community resource connecting and building a community for queer Pittsburghers and preserving a history that is often overlooked. Many look back on these print publications with fond memories of how they found themselves, their friends & families, and celebrated their queer identities. But virtually NONE of these publications and their archives of photos are available to easily view by the general public and very few copies remain of the publications from the 70’s and 80’s. QBurgh is working to change that!

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