Monessen First in Westmoreland County to Pass LGBTQ Nondiscrimination

On Tuesday evening, Monessen City Council unanimously passed an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance becoming the first municipality in Westmoreland County to pass such an ordinance, Monessen Mayor Matthew Shorraw announced late Tuesday while signing the bill into law.

“I’m signing into law Monessen’s most sweeping anti-discrimination ordinance, since 1968 with a unanimous City Council decision”, Mayor Shorraw said in a post on Facebook and Twitter. “It will protect and acknowledge many groups of people, and many more forms of discrimination that are not currently included in outdated state and federal laws”, the Mayor continued.

Monessen joins Crafton, Etna, and Sharpsburg in recently adopting LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances locally. Six municipalities in Allegheny County have LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances, including the City of Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon and Ross Township.

The State of Pennsylvania has still not passed such an ordinance to protect all LGBTQ Pennsylvanians.

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