Sharpsburg Gets it Right

Tonight, at the Sharpsburg Borough Council Meeting an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance passed unanimously. This was the second attempt by the council to pass such an ordinance. In October, a similar ordinance failed by a vote of 4 to 3. The Council spent the past two months revising the bill with the input of staff and community members.

The bill was introduced by Council Vice President Adrianne Laing and Sharpsburg Mayor Matthew Rudzki was an advocate for its passage.

While this version of the bill did pass unanimously, the council meeting was not without some contention. Council Members Joe Simbari and Gregory Domain, who voted against the original ordinance in October, spoke at length about how they received an overwhelming amount of complaints for their original “No” votes. They implied that those complaining were either not from Sharpsburg or did not understand the legislative process.

This story was update on 12/18/20 at 7:21 AM.

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