Central Outreach Introduces HepCMyWay

Central Outreach Wellness Center introduced a new service to continually meet patients where they are with HepCMyWay.com.

Pennsylvania and Ohio residents can now access in-home treatment to cure their Hepatitis C. If you ever tested positive for Hep C and didn’t get treated or receive the cure, HepCMyWay can conveniently and effectively cure your Hep C by virtually developing a treatment plan and shipping medication to your doorstep.

Follow three easy steps to use the service:

  1. Fill out the online form at HepCMyWay.com or call (412) 866-HEPC
  2. Schedule your at-home or in-lab test (Quest Diagnostics labs also suffice)
  3. Receive your meds to cure Hep C in the mail

Hepatitis C affects around 3.5 million people in the United States, many of whom don’t even realize they have an infection. But the fact is, Hep C is curable with a simple round of medication. When that’s the case, why don’t we talk about Hep C until it enters our lives? Why is Hep C testing and treatment inaccessible to many of the people who need it most?

Powered by Central Outreach Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, HepCMyWay strives to offer the latest Hepatitis C treatment in a way that’s accessible, affordable, safe and judgment-free to anyone who needs it. If you’ve tested positive for Hep C, we’ll work together virtually to develop a treatment plan and send your medication right to you. Or, we’ll send you a prescription to fulfill your labs at a clinic like Quest Diagnostics.

If you’re currently living with a Hep C infection, starting treatment is your first step to freedom. With HepCMyWay, that step has never been easier to take!