Central Outreach STD Tests Pitt Freshmen for Tower B(e) Sexy

Think of all the fun things to do in college from football games and dorm life to parties and the new sexual partners to dive into. The campus is big with many fish in the sea. You’ve got to explore.

The University of Pittsburgh embraces sex-positivity for its students every year at the “Tower B(e) Sexy” info night. The program focuses on sexual health and wellbeing while having discussions about identity, consent, and LGBTQ+ resources.

After going online for the 2020 Tower B(e) Sexy, the festivities returned to an in-person gathering at the dormitories in Tower B, one of the Litchfield Towers designated for Pitt freshmen, in November.

Local organizations supplied condoms and brochures to the attending students, but Central Outreach stood out, offering free walk-up STD tests to the Pitt students. In just two hours, 21 students received STD tests from Central Outreach.

The effort was a continuation of the medical clinic’s outreach program that provides remote STD, HIV, and Hep C testing to communities across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. The residential life committee at Pitt provided an opportunity for Central Outreach to engage students on campus for Tower B(e) Sexy.

Visit a Central Outreach office in Aliquippa, Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, or Washington (PA) for free, walk-in testing. Learn more at CentralOutreach.com.