Brett Glam Asks Marlee Matlin: When did you start wearing makeup?

Hey QBurgh’rs

Marlee Matlin’s new flick CODA is getting so much buzz but what I’ve decided we really want to know is:

Marlee, when did you start wearing makeup? Were you gunning for glam or just meh?

Marlee Matlin: I remember when I was seven. I fascinated with my mother and my grandmother who always had their lips with the best lipstick. Never going over the line, the lip line. They really, I would say had like a fetish with lipstick and, unfortunately, I have one too. So, naturally, for older people like me. If you might remember, we used to have these Barbie heads. They were like life-size Barbie heads that you could actually put makeup on or you could style their hair. I always experimented with makeup. One day I started putting it on myself, the Barbie makeup on myself. Can you imagine? It was supposed to be for the doll but I put it on myself. I actually wore real makeup when I was 13. My first makeup was, of course, lip gloss and it was Bonne Bell, the little tubes, the Lip Smackers. There were flavors. It was strawberry. There was bubble gum. There was watermelon. I would choose those and I would collect them all. And I also loved mascara by Maybelline. It was my favorite. And of course, from then on, I still use Maybelline mascara. From then on I never stopped using makeup.

Isn’t she the best? Thanks for that Marlee and to your longtime interpreter Jack Jason.

Oh! And check out her buzzy new flick, CODA, in select theaters and streaming on Apple TV. So good!

Enjoy pretty.

Photo courtesy of Apple
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