Are you using sunscreen?!

July — the hot spot center of summer. How’s your suncare going? It’s essential! Here are three sunscreens that may be flying under your radar. Check them out and soon you’ll wanna pop these newbies in your beach bag! 

For face: Clinique SuperDefense City Block 50. 

Not just a screen, this powerhouse actually has whipped titanium to reflect and block harmful rays. It’s also a moisturizer so it’s kind of a one-stop shop to hydrate and protect your skin. I love duo skin products. Especially in the summer when we don’t want layers of cream on our face. Oh, and it’s oil-free so no break-out worries! 


For body: Vacation Classic Sunscreen SPF 30

This brand-spanking new lotion is really taking the sunscreen world by storm. Aside from being so conscientious, including being PEG/PABA-free and vegan with a reef-friendly formula, it boasts the world’s best-smelling sunscreen. Remember how iconic Coppertone lotions smelled? Well, move over because vacation is poised to become a new classic scent of summer! Poke around their website, it’s fun and fresh. Just like we like our summer fun! 


For face and body: Supergoop! Matte Sunscreen SPF 40 

I like the sheen sunscreen gives my skin but this is not the case for everyone. Neutrogena was the first to come up with a fabulous matte sunscreen. Now, Supergoop ups the stakes with their eco-friendly, mineral version. Of course, Gwenyth turns up any dial to eleven. Fresh scent and a fabulous, smooth application that wards off shine while keeping the skin safe and protected. They also have an eye cream and balm and you know how I feel about eye creams and balms!


enjoy pretty.

Brett is a Pittsburgh native and works with some of the world's most beautiful and famous women as a make-up artist. Known for his crisp, high glamour style, Brett's client roster ranges from young, punky pop stars to ladylike living legends. Before starting his own cosmetics line (Brett Glam) in 2007, Brett had deals with Revlon, Neutrogena and Pantene just to name a few. Get a glimpse of his glammy life (and nab a few makeup tips!) with his buzzy Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (He / Him / His)