A Queer Night In

10 Shows To Get Addicted To in Quarantine

In the era of COVID-19, the silver lining of spending all your time indoors and away from others is that you are allowed the freedom to rediscover yourself and your interests that might normally be set aside under “normal circumstances.” (Although, what even is normal anymore?)

Now, don’t think you have to go and learn some new fantastical trait. Oh no – just simply kick your feet back, unwind and relax in this moment of turmoil. Take an evening or four and treat yourself. Self care is extremely important. Personally, this moment in time has been great in order for me to catch up with some of my favorite (and new favorite) shows.  

Listed are some of the most queer-friendly shows you’ll find online to self-indulge in during the home-stretch of quarantine:

The Politician

Photo courtesy of Netflix

This camp classic from Ryan Murphy chronicles the life of Peyton Hobart on his rise to fame and power, chasing his dreams of becoming President of the United States.  

Sex Education

Photo courtesy of Netflix

There is nothing more awkward than the sex talk in grade school.  Yet, Netflix’s Sex Education brings the most taboo subject a new-found humor, while incorporating queer themed sex talk in an un-taboo manor.


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Eight strangers all born on the same day that are able to share thoughts?  All trying to figure out why they are able to act the way in which they do?  With explicit sex scenes?  Sign us up!


Photo courtesy of FX Networks

A cult phenomenon, POSE has embraced the ballroom culture during the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s/1990s in order to create a truly inclusive portrayal of life within the trans community.

Generation (HBO MAX)

Photo courtesy of HBO Max

HBO Max has been hitting the mark with many of their Queer/LGBTQIA+ series.  Coming to the app on March 11th, Generation showcases modern-day teenagers as they explore their sexuality.

It’s A Sin (HBO Max)

Photo courtesy of HBO Max

Most likely one of the biggest breakout series of 2021, It’s A Sin captures the early stages of the AIDS pandemic from the perspective of a friend group living in London.

Schitt’s Creek

Photo courtesy of CBC

If a show defines a decade, then let Schitt’s Creek be that show.  With countless meme-worthy moments, to one-liners, and iconic fashion moments (a la Moira Rose), it’s bound to be iconography for queer culture for years to come.


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Insta-gays?  Muscles?  Oh, hell no. Special, starring and created by Ryan O’Connell, showcases a disabled queer person who unapologetically lives their true life. 

Tales of the City

Photo courtesy of Netflix

The sequel to the revival series 20 years later, Tales of the City brings back the original cast and more as Laura Linney returns to her former home in San Francisco to reunite with her estranged family.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Always optimistic and dangerously funny, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt encompasses all of those that are cast aside in order to showcase all of the joyous gifts everyone brings to the table of life.

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