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Hi Central,

I keep my “Last tested” on Scruff up-to-date but some of the guys I chat with don’t always. I hate to be a buzzkill but should I be asking everyone before meeting up when their last test was? Is there really a way to do that without ruining the mood?


First and foremost, I am thrilled to hear that you are taking the precautions of having a safe and healthy sex life.  Especially in the age of COVID-19, it is important that we practice safe social distancing, as well as precautionary measures when it comes to our sexual health.

With regard to your question, the number one thing you should be worried about when it comes to sex is your own health.  What it boils down to is you being proactive and staying on-top of your regimen, STD testing three or four times per year, utilizing protection (don’t forget the condoms and lube), and–last but certainly not least–ensuring you are taking your PrEP medication on time daily.  

When discussing safe sex with your partner, we think it should be a topic of discussion that you are both aware of each others’ status but doing so in a non-judgmental manner.  Phrases like “are you clean?” have a negative connotation, so it is important to not utilize this rhetoric. So to answer your question – yes, I think it is important to have these discussions because not only are you looking out for yourself and your health, but also your partner’s health as well.  Don’t ever look at it as a buzz kill, but more of a precaution. Staying safe is sexy.

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