Sydney Abbot Report

Saturday February 10 was the date that students of Chatham College were treated to a visit by Sydney Abbot and many other beautiful gay women. The occasion was a colloquy sponsored by the college, featuring numerous workshops concerning women with an interchange of ideas by students and anyone wishing to enter the discussions. This reporter is happy to announce that the workshop on gay women’s lifestyles had the largest turnout of the entire weekend. The mixture of gay and straight was perhaps half and half thus creating a lively interplay. Problems and attitudes were examined, and happily a sense of lesbian pride was exhibited. Ms. Abbot shared rather intimately her attitudes and appeared to be well received by those attending. Her co-authorship, with partner Barbara Love of SAPPHO WAS A RIGHT-ON WOMAN, has supported the gay woman and helped to give her a more positive self-identity.

Summing it up was sheer, unadulterated pleasure to experience this gathering of women, communicating, supporting, and trying to understand her sister’s varying life styles.