Steel City Softball League Rejoins North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance

Pittsburgh’s Steel City Softball League has rejoined the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA). League treasurer Bobby Angelo attended the NAGAAA Winter Meeting in Minneapolis from January 28 and 29 to present and petition for membership in the alliance. Steel City Softball League was unanimously approved to rejoin NAGAAA.

The Steel City Softball League, founded in 1981, originally joined NAGAAA in 1983 as the 12th member city to join the alliance and Pittsburgh hosted the 1990 NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series.

Membership in NAGAAA entitles member cities to send their league champions to the annual Gay Softball World Series. The 2023 Gay Softball World Series will be held in Minneapolis from August 28 through September 3.

NAGAAA was formed in 1977 as a 501c(3) international sports organization dedicated to providing opportunity and access for the LGBTQ community to participate in organized softball competition in safe environments. There are 54 member cities across the United States and Canada.

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