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Your Pittsburgh Pride 2021 Shopping Guide!

Photo courtesy of Steel City Brand

“Rainbows. Rainbows everywhere. Put a Rainbow on it!”

That’s how I envision the marketing and products team meeting goes every year at Multi-National-Somewhat-Problematic-Corporation-X as June approaches. While it can be nice to see so much support for the LGBTQ Community in the lead-up to and during Pride month, it can come across as pandering. Especially if the corporation is problematic on other issues or if they aren’t truly LGBTQ supporting and affirming the other 11 months of the year.

So, don’t shop problematic. Shop with Pride locally!

Here are 10 great local, small businesses to shop for your Pride gear in 2021:

Mask PGH and Berry Good Embroidery

Local “pop-and-pop” online shop Mask PGH & Berry Good Embroidery is more than great masks (which by the way aren’t gone yet! Mask up!). They have a full Pride collection for 2021. The collection includes t-shirts, tank tops, hats, and beanies. My personal favorite is the Rainbow Barf beanie!

Owners Jeff Okrasinski and his fiancé, Shane, started Mask PGH and Berry Good Embroidery after the pandemic hit in March 2020. They had previously run a private car service and pivoted to keep things going. Their first big hit was a Golden Girls-inspired face mask followed by the “Bernie in Mittens” meme from the Presidential Inauguration.

Those hits allowed them to expand and they also now take custom item orders. They even made custom embroidered jockstraps for Dixie Surewood!

Jeff is thankful for the support and patronage they receive from the Pittsburgh community. “I can tell you first hand just how impactful shopping local can be. Most small business owners have gone all in on their dream, and every new customer feels like a victory. Every time you make the decision to shop local you do more than just help keep the lights on: you are helping something you enjoy stay present in the community. You are helping validate that dream,” Okrasinski said.

Maude’s Paperwing Gallery

The wonderful witches of Millvale at Maude’s Paperwing Gallery continue to support the community with a huge selection of LGBTQ-celebrating merchandise. They’ve also put together Pride Boxes and are selling Philadelphia-style Pride flags all to raise money to help with the North Pittsburgh Pride festivities new in 2021! All items in the boxes are also available individually but why wouldn’t you want the full collection?

We can’t praise Maude’s enough for everything they’re doing in Millvale and celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ Community.


Pittsburgh is SO Gay

Clothing brand born and bred in Pittsburgh, Steel City Brand has produced the “Pittsburgh is so gay” shirt just in time for Pride AND proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will go in part to the Stonewall Alliance Play-It-Foward Fund. The project supports the Stonewall Sports – Pittsburgh community by offsetting registration costs for kickball, bocce, volleyball, bowling, dodgeball, yoga and more.

Photo courtesy of Steel City Brand

PSquare Scents

PSquare Scents has been a staple in Bellvue and the LGBTQ Community for years and they’ve recently moved into a larger space a few doors down from their old location. Now featuring a scent bar! Their Golden Girls collection, Gay AF candle, and rainbow gummy bear soap will queer you up just in time for Pride.

Trim Pittsburgh

Trim Pittsburgh men’s clothing boutique in the East End of Pittsburgh has become ubiquitous with the LGBTQ Community of Pittsburgh over their seven years in business. And they’ve got way more than just hot underwear and swimwear. They feature clothing and styles from around the world and right here in the USA. For all your summer and vacation men’s fashion needs, Trim’s got you even beyond Pride month.

Etna Print Circus

Etna Print Circus is a queer/trans “LiFeStYlE bRaNd” featuring custom shirts, buttons, and more. Their entire collection is queer affirming. Personal favorite: the “Yinz is a Gender Neutral Pronoun” t-shirt.

412 Apothecary

412 Apothecary on the North Side features a curated selection of natural products to meet all Face & Body, Scalp & Hair needs. Check out their new cooling body scrub, lip scrub, body wash and body moisturizer. Perfect for after enjoying these hot, humid summer days.

Sleepy Hollow Handmade

Sleepy Hollow Handmade is a local, Pittsburgh-based, queer-owned small business, specializing in small-batch soaps and body care items. They use simple ingredients to ensure that your body and mind are taken care of. Check out their “One Heart” and “Pride & Joy” handmade soaps!

Kween Tees

Kween Tees is queer AF year round but now they’ve got a Pride collection for Summer ’21. Support this small, gay-owned shop just like they’ve supported our great community organizations.

Honor Your Body Wellness

Honor Your Body Wellness has sale of 10% off all their Pride products. Use code “Pride2021” at checkout!

Need to refuel with over 45+ Pride events in June? Stop by Square Cafe for brunch and tell ’em QBurgh sent you!

Photo courtesy of Square Cafe
Jim Sheppard is a resident of Downtown Pittsburgh. Jim served as a Commissioner on the City of Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission which investigates instances of discrimination in the City of Pittsburgh and recommends necessary protections in our City Code to provide all people in Pittsburgh with equal opportunities. He has worked for Pittsburgh City Council, the Pittsburgh Mayor, and the Allegheny County Controller. For five years he was the President of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (He / Him / His)