I Am Pride

I am the legacy of trailblazers who fought for justice, who marched, protested and refused to be invisible; their struggles paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today and demanding equality for all.

Video by Charlotte’s Webb. Courtesy of Pittsburgh Pride Group and TransYouniting.

What Pride means to me is

I am Pride
I am a declaration of authenticity,
a celebration of love and a testament to
the strength of the human spirit

What Pride means to me is loving
yourself and being your authentic self

I am the voice of those who have been silenced,
the symbol of courage for those
who have been oppressed and the beacon
of hope for those who have felt alone

Pride to me is also about our fight
for justice. It’s about creating the type
of Commonwealth, the type of city and region
that we want

I am the collective power of millions
standing united in the face of adversity

We aren’t going to go nowhere.
We’re in the same situation, they’re going to
continue to take everything away from us

I am the legacy of trailblazers who fought for justice,
who marched, protested, and refused to be invisible.
Their struggles paved the way for the freedoms
we enjoy today and demanding equality for all

However within these last four years
we’ve seen so many people from the
community. It’s been very grassroots,
uplifting and building the resources
that have not been here that we’ve been lacking

I am the stories of resilience,
of triumph over hardship and of the
unwavering spirit that rises above
discrimination and prejudice

I am the colors of the rainbow the
vibrant hues that represent diversity,
inclusivity and the beauty of individuality

Regardless of if you’re straight, if you’re
gay, if you’re trans, if you’re cisgender
it’s all about having people who are at
the center, to be focused and to be
part of that movement and to be in the front

What Pride means to me is being
free, being transparent. being loved
and giving love

I am the canvas of self-expression where
creativity knows no boundaries and every
brush stroke reveals the unique tapestry
of who we are

I am the rhythm of acceptance
the beat that moves our hearts
and brings us together in joyous celebration

I am the Embrace of allies
the hands of Love extended to lift us up
and walk alongside us on the journey

I am the call for change
the voice demanding equality
and the force that will not be silenced
until justice prevails

I am the embodiment of love in all its forms
the freedom to express affection without fear or judgment

I am the unbreakable spirit of those who
refuse to hide, who stand proudly in their truth
and who Inspire others to do the same

I am the symbol of unity, solidarity, and
the Relentless pursuit of a world where
all hearts can love and all souls can be free

I am Pride
and together with every step we take
every word we speak
and every beat of our hearts
we will create a future filled with acceptance,
equality and love for all.

I am Pride

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