Hot Queer Summer Ball Kicks Off Summer

'Hot Vax Summer' has begun!

The Hot Queer Summer Ball kicked off the start of Hot Vax Summer and the first weekend without a mandatory masking requirement last night at Brewer’s Hotel and Bar in lower Lawrenceville.

Sponsored by Project Matters and Allies for Health + Wellbeing, Central Outreach Wellness Center was on hand with COVID-19 vaccines for “a shot for a shot” — get the vaccine, get a shot at the bar.

Participants battled it out in categories “Tag Team Performance”, “Sex Siren”, “Sexy Realness”, hand performance, runway, and virgin performance for prizes ranging from $50 to $500.

Tag Team Performance $500-You and Your Friend are hitting the beach! It’s a Hot Queer Summer! Bring Us a Look you can Vogue down in!

Sex Siren $150-Hot Queer Summer is Heating UP! We want you to bring us a Scorching Sexy Look! The More skin the BETTER!

Sexy Realness $100- It’s a HOT QUEER SUMMER, you’re on the block. Will your realness get through? Female Figures in Pum Pum Shorts and Bikini Tops. Male Figures basketball shorts and Tank Top!

Hand Performance $100- During a HOT QUEER SUMMER how do you cool down? Use a Fan! Must use Summer Prop in Performance!

Runway $100- You are the SUN! The Hottest thing out there! Show us how to walk in the burning summer days of a HOT QUEER SUMMER! Must bring it like the Sun! Bright & Vibrant!

Virgin Performance $50- You’re new to the HOT QUEER SUMMER! Show us why we should pay attention to the NEW summer babe on the block! MUST BE IN A SUMMER LOOK!

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