Gay Alternatives Pittsburgh speaking engagements. Getting gay liberation’s message across

One of the most important aspects of the gay liberation movement is education – especially the total education of society at large on what gay people are all about. We get one step closer to that goal each time representatives from GAP and other gay groups go to pre-arranged speaking engagements where the subject matter is of a gay nature. Following a brief outline of what it is like to be gay, destroying old stereotypes, describing the movement, etc. some of the most interesting question/answer rap sessions take place. During the past week, three such happenings took place … at the Wheeler Business School, Bethany College (in W. Va.!–), and Carlow College. We are also proud of Jim Huggins, Cathy Lane and Bob Hughes for their February 26 appearance on WTAE-TVs’ Pittsburgh AM show. More speaking engagements are in the planning … to find out when and where check the events calendar at GAPs’ Sunday community meeting. Extra speakers and/or spectators are always welcome.