Central Outreach Helps Make Pride Month Safe with Testing, Resources

Photo by G Michael Beigay

Pride Month in Pittsburgh is one of the most important times for the city’s LGBTQ+ community, a time to show strength in the importance of love and unity throughout the region. 2021 was an especially big year for Pride, with events all over the city, and an estimated 10,000 people attended the Pittsburgh Pride Revolution March on Saturday, June 5.

As one of the leaders in the health and wellness ecosystem that supports Pittsburgh, especially in the LGBTQ+ community, Central Outreach Wellness Center saw the opportunity to step up. Pittsburgh’s foremost practitioner of culturally competent care, Central Outreach made it their mission to make Pride 2021 a safe, healthy and positive experience for everyone. 

The main step Central Outreach took was providing free STI screening during many of the community events throughout Pride month. Whether it was at the Pride Mini Festival on the North Side, at Trace Brewing’s brunch, or one of the many events at P Town, Brewers, or Lucky’s, Central Outreach was there to help the community and make sure everyone had access to the testing and resources they deserve.

Photo courtesy of Central Outreach Wellness Center

Overall, Central Outreach provided 1,070 free STI tests throughout Pride Month, with nearly 300 tests happening at events around the city. “The massive turnout was unexpected, but we were prepared to help wherever necessary. Seeing the humongous presence of love, positivity, and confidence was special. The Pride Mini Festival on the Northside in the park felt like Woodstock,” Alex Young, the marketing director for Central Outreach, said. 

Jordi, an attendee at Pride Mini Festival who utilized the medical services said, “Central Outreach is a lifesaver! Pride Month is a busy month. Get tested.”  

This is the type of work that makes Central Outreach such a valuable part of the LGBTQ+ community and the greater Pittsburgh region. A leader in inclusive healthcare, Central Outreach Wellness Center is founded around the principles of dignity and respect, and that wellness in the community starts by giving everyone access to quality medical care. 

With decades of experience, Central Outreach is at the forefront of providing care and support for every kind of client, including those of color, immigrants, and the LGBTQIA community. Dr. Stacy Lane has more than 800 HIV+ patients and more than 1,400 transgender patients and has become a resource for so many of them. 

Pride is an important time to make sure everyone feels included in the Pittsburgh community, but also that everyone feels safe. With Central Outreach’s STI testing throughout June, they were able to make sure that they provided yet another resource for anyone who wanted it so that everyone can get the coverage they deserve.