After Receiving Vaccine, Dr. Stacy Lane is Sweaty and Struggling…

because she's at the gym!

In a video published by Central Outreach Wellness Center, Dr. Stacy Lane describes how she’s feeling the day after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m sweaty, and hot, and all red.” the Doctor says in the video.

“I’m feeling ok, I guess. I’m sweaty and red… because I’m at the gym!” she continues as the camera turns and shows the Doctor on an undisclosed piece of gym equipment.

The point is, don’t be afraid to receive the COVID-19 vaccines. The day after receiving her shot the doctor is at the gym and staying active. It is important to receive the vaccine when it is available to you.

The video concludes with a catchy jingle, “Just reach out to Central Outreach!”

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