Trans Existence As Resistance

A virtual protest in celebration of trans lives

In light of the wave of anti-trans legislation that is sweeping the US, we invite you to Trans Existence as Resistance,  a virtual protest event, on Saturday, October 1 at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PDT).

Trans and non-binary people will share their stories, music, poetry, and visual arts, highlighting trans joy and creativity as a form of resistance. We will also discuss actions you can take, including organizations to support and which transphobic legislators to vote against in the upcoming midterm elections. Guest speakers at the event will include Luckie Fuller, founder of Invisible T Men, and Andi Tiscanero, youth services coordinator for Borderland Rainbow Center.

“Many of these attacks on trans bodies were attempts to win these elections,” says event organizer, Flora. “We are here to show them that they won’t win. We will keep fighting, supporting each other, and making beautiful art.”

This event is free but attendees are encouraged to donate to the Trans Justice Funding Project upon registration.

Trans Existence as Resistance is made possible with support from the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation, QBurgh, Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization, Queer Youth Assemble, Trans* Lounge, Borderland Rainbow Center, and Invisible T Men.

For more information, please contact transexistenceasresistance@gmail.com.

Roy Gloeckl resides in the southern hills of Pittsburgh, performing communications specialties for a local university. He is a lifelong gaymer who has yet to “catch ‘em all.” He is an actor who wants to be a cartoon. And yeah, he totally has a favorite dinosaur. Follow him on Instagram and tell him yours.