So you’re vaxxed, now what?

Hot Vax Summer?

After months, and weeks, and some days, and maybe what even feels like a few years, you FINALLY snagged a vaccine.  All of the stress, the anxiety, and ultimately the sigh of relief that yes, life is beginning to return to normal.

But just because you are now fully vaccinated and ready to make your grand entrance back into the world, there are still some precautions we have to take in order for all of our fellow citizens to be safe and secure in the world post-COVID.  

It goes without saying that we have to take this as a step-by-step measure; that activities with other vaccinated people can now take place, such as a small outdoor gathering.

Keep in mind, though, that as more people are included within the activities, especially indoors, a mask and protection will be required, especially if you are unfamiliar with others in the same setting.

With regards to indoor activities, the CDC is still advising us to wear masks indoors when in close proximity to others.  If you are unsure as to what the CDC is recommending as a “Safe” or “Unsafe” activity, please visit the CDC’s Guidelines for Fully-Vaccinated Individuals.

Governor Wolf recently announced the lifting of indoor and outdoor limitations effective May 30, but masks will continue to be required until 70 percent of Pennsylvanians have been vaccinated. Wearing your mask even if you are vaccinated goes a long way in making others feel safe, and we all deserve to feel safe when we’re out and about.

A transplant from NYC, Aaron always had a passion for helping and supporting the community in any way that he can.  Aaron hopes to bring to Central Outreach a sense of fun and laughter, but also compassion and empathy for all that are in need.