Shepherd Wellness Vandalized with Graffiti

Security footage of suspects from Pittsburgh Police.

The Shepherd Wellness Community building in Bloomfield was vandalized with graffiti in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 1. Pittsburgh police believe the suspects, who were caught on security footage, were a man and a woman.

“Really is saddening and frustrating to have this kind of vandalism happen,” executive director of Shepherd Wellness Community Richard Krug told WPXI.

The Shepherd Wellness Community has been serving the HIV and AIDS population of Pittsburgh for 35 years.

Krug told WPXI that he does not believe the vandalism was a hate crime or motivated by bias against the LGBTQ or positive community. The graffiti will be painted over in the coming days.

Pittsburgh police are asking anyone with information to call or text 412-495-6052.

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