PA State Representative Pyle Won’t Resign Over Transphobic Post

On Thursday, Republican Pennsylvania State Representative Jeff Pyle, who represents parts of Armstrong, Butler and Indiana Counties, posted a transphobic denigration of Biden Administration designate and former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine to his personal Facebook page.

Now, the transphobic State Representative has made a half-hearted apology, telling the Associated Press he “had no idea” the transphobic post would be “received as poorly as it was.” The apology was not directed to Dr. Levine. Representative Pyle said he has no intentions of resigning.

“From this situation, I have learned to not poke fun at people different than me”, Pyle told the AP.

If it took Representative Jeff Pyle 56 years of his life to learn basic human decency which is taught to all of our children in kindergarten, maybe Mr. Pyle isn’t fit to represent the 61,000 residents of State House District 60.

Jeff Pyle was first elected to his seat in 2005 and will be up for re-election again in 2022.

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