Meet Nyxon

Naughty By Nature

Nyxon is a professional fetish model based in Pittsburgh. Starting out her career path in the beauty industry, she quickly became one of the hottest stars in the fetish modeling world. Her journey has taken her from film to pin-up and fetish in a whirlwind the last few years.

According to Nyxon, “I got into the industry completely by accident. I was a make-up artist and production assistant for a local bondage producer when I was approached by someone asking if I’d ever consider going into that type of work. My answer was absolutely!”

In 2008, she did her first handcuff fetish shoot and loved it. By the time early 2009 rolled around, her quest into fetish land soared with performances in bondage videos. To date, Nyxon has been featured in over 100 unique fetish/adult websites and clip stores.

She really looks forward to all of her shoots because “each one seems to challenge my creativity whether it’s a glamour shoot or a video. If it’s a video, I have to make sure that I understand the psychology of the fetish.”

Since almost all of the work she does unscripted, once the camera starts rolling, it’s up to her to come up with any monologue or dialogue. Often times she just is left to work off of other actors within the scene.

Nyxon says, “If I’m doing a glamour shoot, then I need to step it up and be creative with hair, make-up, wardrobe, poses, etc.”

Not surprisingly, wardrobe is probably the best part. She has a large collection of vintage and reproduction girdles, bullet bras, garter belts and stockings. “I have a pretty big fan base within the transgender community and I am constantly receiving emails from those fans regarding how much they love my wardrobe and asking where the can buy the items for themselves.”

Also included in her work are stints as a pinup and glamour model which led to being photographed for the cover of the punk/rock Pittsburgh-based band The Cheats. Other jobs include being on photo shoots all over the United States, United Kingdom and France being photographed for numerous magazines and books, as well as online catalog work.

For more information about Nyxon and her work, visit nyxonagogo.com.

Karla Doolittle is a mother, wife, writer, artist and advocate. Residing in Regent Square with husband Devon, a professional singer, artist, advocate.