Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation Needs Your Feedback

The team at Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation. Photo by G Michael Beigay.

Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation is on a mission to uplift community health and they need your insight to do it right. Share your thoughts on what’s rocking and what needs tweaking. Your feedback is the blueprint they need to enhance support and fill in the gaps.

Got a moment? Participate in the quick survey! It’s your chance not just to voice your experiences—from Fall Fest highs to Friendsgiving Rainbow Bag joys, Winter Wonderland warmth, or any volunteering adventures—but also to help HLWF shape their future initiatives.

And hey, there’s a bonus! Complete the survey and opt-in for a delightful twist: a raffle! Dive into the chance to snag one of three $50 Amazon gift cards. Don’t worry, entering the raffle is totally optional, and your survey can still shine without it. Just remember, the raffle needs your email to connect if you’re the lucky winner.

Act Fast! The survey window closes on Monday, March 4th. Your participation is voluntary, totally confidential, and immensely appreciated.

Together, let’s make wellness work better for everyone. Your feedback is more than valuable—it’s essential.

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