Happy New Year

Good riddance 2020!

It’s over! It’s finally over! 2020 is finally behind us. To you and everyone in the LGBTQ Community, Happy New Year. Let’s work together to make 2021 a year full of Pride!

Here are some of the good stories to come out of 2020:

Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election.

Sharpsburg Gets it Right 

At the Sharpsburg Borough Council Meeting an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance passed unanimously. This was the second attempt by the council to pass such an ordinance. In October, a similar ordinance failed by a vote of 4 to 3. …

Crafton Joins The Growing List To Protect LGBTQ Citizens 

In a unanimous vote 7 – 0, Crafton Borough Council adopted an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance at their Borough Council meeting last night. Crafton is the fifth municipality in Allegheny County to pass an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance joining the …

Etna Borough Passes LGBTQ Inclusive Nondiscrimination Ordinance 

The Etna Borough Council voted 8 – 1 to adopt an LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance. Etna is now the 61st municipality in Pennsylvania to pass such an ordinance. Council member Jessica Semler spearheaded the ordinance, as an out …

Billy Porter: Black, Gay, and Out of F*cks 

“Now that I have a massive platform, and now that the people want to listen to the Black sissy, I’m gonna talk,” Billy Porter says, fired up, leaning into the camera. On Zoom, Porter commands a computer screen like he …

Let’s Talk About That Rainbow Wave! 

Last week felt like an eternity! I don’t know about you but every day from Wednesday through Saturday just felt so overwhelmingly anxious. I’m certainly relived and I hope you are too! Let’s take a moment to celebrate something extraordinary …

The Reel Q Drive-In was a “Scream” 

The Reel Q 35 Annual Film Festival concluded with a drive-in screening of “Hellbent” at the Central Outreach Wellness Center on the North Side. The screening featured food trucks, drag shows, giveaways and more. Photo by Mara RagoPhoto by Mara …

My New Thanksgiving Day 

2020 has been a tumultuous year of change that no one could have predicted. We all experienced it. Everything closed for months. Many people lost jobs. Those who were fortunate to keep their jobs found themselves working from home. You …

Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania Offers Hormone Therapy for Trans and Nonbinary Patients 

On Friday, Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania announced an expansion of their transgender care to include hormone therapy for transgender and nonbinary individuals. Patients can now receive testosterone hormone therapy or estrogen/antiandrogen therapy at any of their planning centers. Staff …

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Happy New Year!

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