Group supporting human rights seeks work by artists with HEArt

HEArt Human Equity Through Art is seeking literary and visual artists to participate in its “Letters From the HEArt” fund-raiser, Nov. 7 at Rosebud.

Artists are invited to submit original artwork that reflects the organization’s values concerning human rights.

According to its values statement, HEArt believes:

 “Practicing discrimination against individuals because of race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality or class is wrong. In addition, discrimination divides and weakens the ability of communities to achieve common goals.”

 “Broadly-supported community improvement efforts cannot go forward without participation of citizens who are aware of injustice in their hearts and in their institutions and who are motivated and empowered to act. Art is one of the most accessible, effective and inexpensive means toward these ends.”

 “Artistic expression and appreciation are hallmarks of bold and just societies. Art is a source of wonder and enlightenment, creative thinking and regard for craft and labor, directly linking it to social and economic independence. The engines of art are hope, work, tolerance and charity. And these are for all.”

Submissions can be made in a variety of artistic media including poetry, fiction, essays, sketches, photography and painting.

Contributions will become part of an International Mail Art Exhibition of works by literary and visual artists from around the world. The installation will form a backdrop for the Letters From the HEArt event, which will feature an evening of speakers, performers and musicians.

Submissions should be sent to: HEArt, International Mail Art Exhibition, PO Box 81038, Pittsburgh, PA 15217-0538 by Oct. 5. For more information, call 421-3166; or e-mail to LesAnne@ix.netcom.com

This article originally appeared in Pittsburgh’s Out. This article is preserved as a part of the Q Archives project. Please consider donating to help preserve Pittsburgh’s Queer history.