Faces & Places: Allies’ Free for All

2024 Kerry Stoner Award recipient Dr. Daphne Curges. Photo by Chad Isaiah.

On Friday evening, Allies for Health + Wellbeing hosted their annual Free for All, their largest fundraising event for the year, at the Children’s Museum on the North Side.

Dr. Daphne Curges was honored with the 2024 Kerry Stoner Award. Kerry Stoner was one of the founding members of the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force, now known as Allies. Since 2001, the Kerry Stoner Award has been presented annually by Allies for Health + Wellbeing to someone who has shown commitment to Stoner’s legacy and vision.

The 2024 class of Bright Young People was also honored. The Bright Young People recognizes individuals doing incredible work in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Pittsburgh region. The 2024 class consists of Rian-Louis McNeil, Duane Binion, Stavi Xinos, Saint-Osei Valentino, Naomi Allen, Daequan Andino, Hazell Azzer, Jule Arney, Elis O’Marehen, and Dev Hayostek.

Attendees were treated to performances by Eagleburger Band, Paladin, Shay Park, Joey Young, Sherry CD-ROM, Manny Dibiachi, and Formosa of JellyfishPGH.

Photos by Chad Isaiah.