Erie School Board Elects Openly Queer Board President

Tyler Titus Elected Erie School Board President.

Erie School Board President Tyler Titus via Facebook.

Last night, the Erie City School Board elected School Board Member Tyler Titus Erie City School Board President.

Three years ago, Tyler became the first out trans person elected to public office in Pennsylvania when they were elected to the Erie City School Board in 2017. Tyler released a statement on their Facebook page shortly after last night’s school board meeting saying, “Tonight, I am honored to share that I have been elected and entrusted to serve as the Erie School Board president.”

“I am an openly queer, non-binary person. The lavender ceiling was cracked in this district tonight and this momentous, glorious achievement has this heart swelling with joy”, Tyler contiued.

In 2019, Tyler was elected to be Vice President of the Erie City School Board.

As for how they would be celebrating? “By eating marshmallows and drinking a can of diet Dr. Pepper Cream Soda while I hold my wife’s hand on our couch”, Tyler said.

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