Don’t Add Chapped Lips to the Woes of 2020

Oh, 2020. This year has been challenging enough. Don’t add dry, chapped lips to the epic struggle! This month rather than offer up grooming tips I thought I’d give the gift of savings. Check out my cult fave lip balm, Dr. KISS. Here’s a little vid of me giving the 411 -exclusively for QBurgh’rs! 

Dr. KISS a unique, satin finish balm that applies smoothly with uber staying power, packing an antioxidant punch with vitamins A, C & E. Infused with Kukui Nut oil to lock in moisture and promote healing. Refreshing natural mint and a whisper of sweet flavor give your kiss a delicious feel & taste. Don’t worry, it’s fat free! You’ll notice the balm itself has a pale, icy hue…but finishes to a subtle pink. Exciting color enhancing technology mixes with your natural body chemistry to give the perfect flush of color to your pout. It’s so subtle, even men can use Dr. KISS. Available in Vanilla, Guava or Coconut flavors. Text me less…kiss me more! 

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