Five Quick Hacks to Amp Up Your Look

BrettGlam's top tricks

People always ask me for some easy, non-fussy ways to boost their look. Here are my top tips: 

1. Switch from regular moisturizer to one tinted with SPF. Triple benefits here in one li’l tube. A lightly tinted moisturizer evens out skin tone seamlessly. The sunscreen infusion keeps sun damage and ‘hot spots’ at bay. Choose regular for normal to dry skin or oil free for acne-prone skin types. Check out Laura Mercier’s award-winning formula. Twenty shades…so you’ll find the perfect tone just for you! 

2. Trim your eyebrows. The world is divided between those who tend to their arches mercilessly and those who completely forget theirs exist. This tip is mainly for the latter. All you need is a small comb or lash brush and a pair of small, straight toiletry scissors. Brush hairs up a few times. Trim the rogue hairs that pop out as longer and curlier. Not too short or they will stick out straight. Just trim the curled, longest edge. Next, brush hairs downward and repeat the trimming trick. This takes out the bulk of the brow without looking too pruned! 

3. Choose a lip balm with a slight tint. Nothing looks healthier than a lip that has a touch of pink. This goes for anyone. It’s even a good trick under full on lipsticks and glosses. I often put a tinted balm underneath…so when the full-on lip color starts to wear there’s a lip that looks healthy and fresh. Try Cherry Chapstick or get fancy with my oh-so-subtle Dr. KISS satin finish lip balm

4. Add mousse to your hair styling routine. The 80s really got something right when a whipped form of hair gel took the world by storm. Lighter than gel, mousse has never gone away. All the major hair product lines have quietly kept this little grooming dynamo in their stable. Mousse adds a touch of finish and ‘grip’ to hair. Any style will last longer and hold its shape with the inclusion of this classic beauty secret. Try Living Proof’s Full Thickening Mousse. You’re welcome! 

5. Include a dark spot corrector to your evening skin care routine. If you’re young…it’s good to keep dark spots at bay with this preventative trick. If you’re a full-on grown-up you’ll benefit from downplaying hyperpigmentation that muddies the skin and cuts your natural glow. To start, I would use every other night. After a couple months, add another night. You may never get to the ‘every night’ use the manufactures tout. That’s okay, these products are meant to work over time. Start using and check back with yourself a couple months later to see the results. My fave right now is Musely’s The Spot. Amaze! 

Enjoy pretty.

Brett is a Pittsburgh native and works with some of the world's most beautiful and famous women as a make-up artist. Known for his crisp, high glamour style, Brett's client roster ranges from young, punky pop stars to ladylike living legends. Before starting his own cosmetics line (Brett Glam) in 2007, Brett had deals with Revlon, Neutrogena and Pantene just to name a few. Get a glimpse of his glammy life (and nab a few makeup tips!) with his buzzy Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (He / Him / His)