“Clearly, I Forgot to Moisturize.”

Brett Glam on the necessity of moisturizing.

“Clearly, I forgot to moisturize”…

Kate Bush

After a decades long break, singer Kate Bush joked with her live audience who hadn’t seen her in a while. 

Funny, yes…but kind of true. If you want your skin to look great, you must keep it hydrated–inside and out. 

This is the time of year when air-conditioned air is traded for heated air. My advice is to note when this is happening and nudge your skincare routine accordingly. My rule of thumb is if you are sleeping with the heater on, you’d best be amping up your moisturizing game. 

Nothing over-the-top. Nothing huge and comprehensive. Just use a fuller bodied facial moisturizer in the cooler months. A more substantial eye cream. I like to say that in the spring and summer your skincare should be like watercolors: sheer and lightweight. Fall and winter skincare can be like oil paints: fuller bodied and a touch denser.

Here are my five skin-saving tips to transition from sunny and humid to balmy and dry:

1. Shower over bath.

Baths are relaxing but they rob your skin of oils. If you must tub it, be sure to use an emollient bubble bath and keep the temp very warm rather than hot.

2.  After bathing, moisturize while skin is still damp.

You want to trap the moisture. Think of your skin as a sponge. If you wanted the sponge to stay plump and moist, you’d apply lotion without wringing it out first. This one tip is a huge game changer.

Like Jennifer Aniston, I LOVE Aveeno. Terrific formulas to tailor to your needs and easy to find at your favorite drugstore or Target. 

3. Use a sunscreen infused moisturizer year-round.

I like products that are double duty. A facial moisturizer with sunscreen is a ‘one stop shop’ that packs a powerful punch. Nab a tinted one as well and you’ve got a very dynamic trio!

I’m a huge fan of Neutrogena. They always nail face moisturizer/SPF combos. Again, easy to find and priced right. 

4. Be mindful of products around the eyes.

Keep in mind that any product you place on the lids or around the eye will heat up and migrate into the eye. Keep facial sunscreens away from tear ducts and lids. Especially important for contact lens wearers! 

5. Touch up eye cream midday.

This may seem fussy, but if you have fine lines this little trick will make a marked difference. Just dot a touch around eyes to reinvigorate the lipids. Plus, it’s a nice refresher moment to give yourself a little wave of self-care energy during the day. Clinique has a great array of eye creams that are hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist tested. 

Try a couple or all of these and notice the difference! Keep in mind that products on the outside are great but nothing improves skin more than good old fashioned water.

Be sure to drink a few ample sized glasses a day. Take them like it’s medicine if you have to. Our skin is like a plant. A well-watered plant always looks plump, firm and healthy. 

Enjoy Pretty! 

Brett is a Pittsburgh native and works with some of the world's most beautiful and famous women as a make-up artist. Known for his crisp, high glamour style, Brett's client roster ranges from young, punky pop stars to ladylike living legends. Before starting his own cosmetics line (Brett Glam) in 2007, Brett had deals with Revlon, Neutrogena and Pantene just to name a few. Get a glimpse of his glammy life (and nab a few makeup tips!) with his buzzy Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (He / Him / His)