A Boost for Queer Voices!

Renaissance City Choir Receives Grant from Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

Photo by G. Michael Beigay.

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council has announced today the recipients of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ Creative Sector Flex Fund grant program. Among the 30 Southwestern Pennsylvania arts organizations receiving a share of $150,000 in grants is the Renaissance City Choir, western Pennsylvania’s only LGBTQIA+ and allies choral group. RCC’s receipt of this grant underscores the crucial role of arts funding in affirming and celebrating LGBTQIA+ voices.

With its mission to affirm LGBTQIA+ identities through music, the Renaissance City Choir not only entertains but educates and inspires, creating a space where all are welcome, and diversity is celebrated. This $5,000 grant, aimed at organizations with average annual revenues between $10,000 and $200,000, promises to expand the Choir’s reach and deepen its impact.

“The Creative Sector Flex Fund provides crucial support for small arts and culture organizations,” said Mona Wiley, program specialist at the Arts Council. “The flexibility also allows the grantees to use the awarded funding in ways that ensure the most significant impact for their organizations and communities.”

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council has a long history of nurturing the arts in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Founded in 2005 through the merger of ProArts and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance, the council has been a pillar of support for artists, art workers, and arts organizations across the region. Its commitment to developing the arts ecosystem, guiding cultural investment, and making grants accessible is evident in programs like the Creative Sector Flex Fund.

The inclusion of the Renaissance City Choir among this year’s grant recipients is not just a win for the choir itself but a clear indication of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s dedication to an inclusive and dynamic arts community.

This funding milestone is a promising boost for the Renaissance City Choir and its mission to celebrate LGBTQIA+ identity through music. It’s a reminder of the power of community support, the importance of diversity in the arts, and the undeniable impact of solidarity in fostering a more inclusive society.

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