Where’s the ‘Gayborhood’?

Visitors from other major cities may be curious where Pittsburgh’s “gayborhood” or centralized area of the highest number of LGBTQ establishments and population is. While Pittsburgh does not have a formal “gayborhood” like Philadelphia or New York, the entire city is welcoming to our LGBTQ families. Shadyside, the North Side, and the Strip District are where you will find the most LGBTQ and welcoming bars, clubs, and organizations.

Bar & Clubs

Check out 5801 Video Lounge’s spacious rooftop deck, P Town’s new back bar the “Baum Shelter”, and Blue Moon’s cozy corners. Brewer’s, Pittsburgh’s oldest gay bar, is always great to watch a game during the day or take in a drag performance at night. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Donny’s/Leather Central, the second-floor boys and dance floor of the Real Luck Cafe (Lucky’s), or get a room at Club Pittsburgh.


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