Trump Administration Instructs Homeless Shelters to Look for Adam’s Apple to Refuse Shelter to Transwomen

The Trump Administration’s attempts to roll back Obama era protections for Trans people continues.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed a rule that would allow homeless shelters that receive federal funding to judge a person’s physical appearance, such as the presence of an Adam’s apple, height, and facial hair in deciding if an individual belongs in a women’s or men’s shelter. The text of the proposed rule was originally obtained and published by Vox.

This not only jeopardizes the well being of transwomen but also cisgender women who happen to have masculine features which could force them out on the street or into a men’s shelter.

The proposed rule uses double speak to enforce transphobia. While shelters are still bared from denying service based on an individuals trans status, they can rely on an individuals birth sex or their legal sex and ignore their gender identity in determining housing.

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