They Were Not ‘Disposable Lives’

Jamie Stickle. Photo by Mara Rago

Rich Cummings is beginning research on a second documentary about the LGBTQ history of Pittsburgh. The working title for the film is “Disposable Lives” and the film will concern itself with murders in the Pittsburgh LGTBQ community.

A memorial outside of Jamie Stickle’s apartment, February 2002. Photo by Mara Rago.

Cases that will be researched for inclusion are Alberto Falbo, Anthony Lacivita, Charles Bir, Darryl Vincent, David Fields, Kim Loring Rodgers, George Wilhelm, Sheldon Connolly, Paul Kochu, Dakota James, Christopher Smith, William Nicholls, Brian Polkabla, Jamie Stickle, and David Piergalski.

Dakota James.

Cummings would like to hear about any other pertinent cases or for any friends or family of the victims to contact him for an interview at richcummings1958@gmail.com.

“Justice for Jamie” vigil. February 2002. Photo by Mara Rago.
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