Steel City Stonewall Democrats 2021 Endorsements

State Representative Ed Gainey, Bethani Cameron, and Carrie Tongarm.

Today, the Steel City Stonewall Democrats announced their endorsed slate of candidates for the 2021 Democratic primary in May. The slate of over 30 candidates covers races from the municipal level up to statewide judicial candidates.

Most notable are the endorsements of State Representative Ed Gainey for Mayor of Pittsburgh and three candidates that are members of the LGBTQ Community — Bethani Cameron seeking to represent Pittsburgh City Council District 4, which covers South Pittsburgh, Caroline Tongarm seeking a seat on the Sharpsburg Borough Council, and Tiffany Sizemore for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

The Steel City Stonewall Democrats are the largest LGBTQ political group in Western Pennsylvania. Candidates seeking their endorsement must fill out an extensive questionnaire on topics effecting the LGBTQ Community and the general membership votes on the candidates who should receive the organization’s endorsement at an annual meeting. 

The endorsement meeting was held virtually for the first time this past Sunday with over 100 members in attendance on the Zoom meeting.

The complete list of endorsed candidates is below and you can review all the candidates’ completed questionnaires on Steel-City.org

Updated: 3/2/21 at 6:54. A previous version of this article failed to mention Tiffany Sizemore as a member of the Community.

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