Sister Petra Advice: Silicone or Waterbased?

Heya Sister 6P,

Silicone or water-based?

I can never decide.


Dear Lou-b’d

First of all.. A water-based sex toy may sound fun.. But the ice insertables do come with a risk. Meanwhile, the insert-into-able ice sex toys do help one prolong ejaculation, though the lack of stretchiness does make them potentially uncomfortable. I suggest sticking with silicone sex toys.


What’s that? My staff of Prurient Primates with typewriters have just informed me this is a question about lubricants…

So, to tackle your slippery question…

You’ve given no info on what you’re using lube for, so I shall assume it is not your bike or car undercarriage. We’ll cover all bases, from dyke to personal undercarriage.

Each of the three commercial type lubes have benefits and drawbacks for different situations. Water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based can each enhance your play time. I know you didn’t mention oil-based, but consider it a gift.

Oil-based lube is lovely. It holds warmth, stays slick. Awesome for external play alone, or in situations where you don’t need barriers. Aye, there’s the rub. Oil degrades latex, decreasing the effectiveness of the barrier. Read your labels. Polyurethane condoms are resistant, but don’t oil that pole up if the hole is vaginal without checking the type. Oils safe to eat are normally vaginally safe, like grape seed. They can also add to non-barriered oral fun.

Nota Bene: Chili oil is edible, but it doesn’t go in that taco. If you wouldn’t want it in your nose, don’t insert it into other orifices.

Petroleum oil-based lubes are harder for the body to remove from a vagina and can lead to irritation and potential infection. Most internal condoms are made of Nitrile now and are safe from the ravages of oil. Oh.. And your remember that favorite shirt you got pizza grease on? Oil lube will do that to your sheets, clothes, carpets, and curtains.

Now on to Your Question.

Water-based lube is the general all purpose WD-69 of your sex toolkit. It is safe for all approved sex barriers, be they latex condoms or nitrile gloves. Generally safe for pole or hole. Flavored versions add variety to the barriered and un-barriered meals of the oral gourmand. Though easy to clean off your kitchen counter or ceiling fan, water-based lube does have limits. Due to evaporation and absorption, water based lube often has to be reapplied during use. It can get tacky and sticky. Fumbling with bottles and tubes may break your rhythm.

Oh Silicone, to think sand is so versatile it can be the hardware in your slick tech, or slicken the hardware in your bed, or even be the thick bright green toy you forget suctioned to the shower wall when you had company over last week. Compared to water-based, silicone-based lube has some nifty features. It stays slick for much longer, resulting in less reapplication interruption. Definitely recommended for back door play.

Silicone has a secret. It is perfect for water play as plain water won’t wash it away. It will keep slick in shower, bath, or rainstorm.

That same blessing is also a curse when it comes to cleaning it up. Silicone lube stains are  really stubborn, even more so if you run it through the dryer after improperly washing it. Unless you’re a member of the Icecapades you also don’t want it on smooth surfaces, like tile floors, the vinyl seats of your Chevy Nova, or the stairs of your jacuzzi.

Lastly, silicone is a cannibal. Using it on silicone toys will degrade and eventually ruin your inanimate intimate mates. As a Nun of Thrift, my tip to you is condoms. I KNOW you check the expiration dates on them, and what better use for a dying or undead condom than to protect your toys? They also assist in tidiness.

Now, I mentioned lube stains on cloth, but don’t forget compatibility with your other playtime outfits and gear. Lube can react to the finish on your leather, it may eat at your rubber suit depending on if it is latex, vinyl or something else. Know your equipment and what it is made of. This will help it last along time AND help protect playmates who may have latex allergies.

When in doubt, use water-based lube. When you are sure of your circumstances, explore the other two.

May your fun be enhanced ecstatically evermore!

Sister 6P

Post Scriptum: There are some other Fancy lubes for the advanced user with unique properties such as J-Lube. Hydrophilia is a fun, yet potentially dangerous quality on linoleum. Research and use your best informed judgment, as in all things.

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