Shop Local. Shop Queer. Gift Guide!

What do your queer friends actually want for the holidays? I’ll tell ya. They want a local queer community that supports one another and works together to reach economic equality, right? So, how do we get that? I’m not totally sure, but shopping local and shopping queer is a good start. I’ve pulled together a (as always, not totally comprehensive, but pretty good start) guide to shopping local and queer.

Many of these artists and makers were pulled from the up coming Queer Craft Market on Dec. 9 at Assemble from 4p.m. to 8p.m. Some of these artists have online shops where you can purchase their work later on, but you can save on shipping and shop at the market.

1. Etna Print Circus

QueerPGH Pick: Yinz is a Gender Neutral Pronoun T-Shirt

This is one of the MOST Pittsburgh and MOST queer shirts I can imagine.  They won’t be at the Craft Market, but check out their shop for more ‘Q-Tees’. They also do pop-up shops and vend pretty often, so follow them online to catch them out in the wild.

2. Babe.City

QueerPGH Pick: I Choose You Embroidery

Alright, I’ll be honest. Not even sure if this is for sale, but I want it. Check out Annesley’s other cute stuff and beautiful artwork that will make your face glow with adorbs. You’ll find them at the Queer Craft Market, too!

4. Wrenn Silver

QueerPGH Pick: Saturn Ring

Ooooh, shiney! Gem rings, earrings, and more. They also screenprint, paint, draw, and make zines. Shop on their instagram or catch them at the Queer Craft Market.

5. Steer Queer

QueerPGH Pick: Pronoun necklaces

Help your fellow queer communicate their pronouns just a little bit easier with Steer Queer’s pronoun jewelry. Cat also makes gender neutral bathroom signs, and these dope Golden Girls rings. You can check out their online shop, or watch Miss Eaves rep their work in Thunder Thighs.

6. Kibble Wood Crafts

QueerPGH Pick: Early Spring Diorama

This was the most beautiful paper cut piece on their site. If you want to see more of their work, you’ll have to catch them at the Queer Craft Market. They’ll be showing show wearable art and prints.

7. Electric Catfish Shop

QueerPGH Pick: Neon Punk Dangle Earrings

Don’t know what to get that friend who’s living that club kid life? This. This is what you get them. Electric Catfish shop has an online store for all your neon punk 80’s chunky jewelry needs. You’ll also see them at the Queer Craft Market.

8. Jayla Patton

QueerPGH Pick: “Fuck off I’m Sad” Pins

Jayla is a killer artist and recently earned a grant for Advancing Black Arts to complete Sick, a comic about a fashion artist.  Check out Jayla’s portfolio then look out for their table at the Queer Craft Market.

9. Pixelless Printworks

QueerPGH Pick: Cyanotype Print

Jeffrey has a number of mesmerizing prints to get lost in. Shop online or find them at the Queer Craft Market

10. Jenn Cooney

QueerPGH Pick: Custom Cat Tattoo Artist Print

Queers love cats, it’s just a fact of life. You won’t go wrong with a cat print or cat stuffies. Hit Jenn up on Insta if you want a print, or shop for their stuffed kitties at the Queer Craft Market.

11. Jess Poole

QueerPGH Pick: Good Bye Loser T-Shirt

I want this print on anything and everything I own. Check Jess’s instagram for even more abundant bodied badassery or find it at the Queer Craft Market.

12. Oh Candles PGH

QueerPGH Pick: Mull It Over

Okay, so I couldn’t smell these over the internet, but this one smells like warm apple cider. How lovely! Get this candle for a new cutie in your life. Smell all of Katie’s candles at the Queer Craft Market, then keep shopping with her on Etsy.

13. Lizzy Nolin

QueerPGH Pick: Ladies Tote

…Okay, for real though, QueerPGH loves her, ’cause she does our design work. Shop from her table, then come to the QueerPGH table to screenprint more of her work.

14. Mary Tremonte

QueerPGH Pick: Queer Scout Badges

For your queer friends at the intersection of hella gay and hella naturey. (You probably have more friends like this than you think.) I loved the badges, but you can also get hankerchiefs and prints. Explore her online shop or find her at the Queer Craft Market.

15. Ryan Martin

QueerPGH Pick: Ceramic Necklaces

Somehow Ryan Martin Elizabeth makes simple shapes just so darn cute and pleasant.  You’ll find prints, jewelry and more on her shop and at the Queer Craft Market.

16. Shannon Thompson

QueerPGH Pick: Pandemix 

Queer Punks unite! Shannon is not just a visual artist, but also a musician. She’s the lead singer of the femme queer punk band Pandemix. Stop by the Queer Craft Market to get a copy of her music and some queer art to go along with it.

17. Sienna Cittadino

QueerPGH Pick: Anxiety Allegator

Not sure if this piece is actually called Anxiety Allegator, but the alliteration made sense to me. Regardless, this alligator speaks to me on a deep level, so do the rest of the Sucks to be an Animal series. Gift a gentle reminder to your friend that we’re all questioning our actions, second guessing our worth and managing moral worth. ? Get Sienna’s prints and zines at the Queer Craft Market or on Tumblr.

18. Aesthetics Collection

QueerPGH Pick: Rose Quartz Ring

Aesthetics Collection by Teresa has healing crystals, raw cuts, earrings, and more. My favorite is this Rose Quartz ring, because what queerbie doesn’t watch Steven Universe? Also, Rose Quartz is a love stone. This means you can literally gift someone love. ❤ Find this and more at the Queer Craft Market or online.

19. Vanessa Adams

QueerPGH Pick: Lunar Calendar

Don’t waste your time at Barnes & Noble picking out the right Justin Bieber calendar for your bestie. Get them a friggin’ Lunar Calendar instead. This hand drawn, alchemy inspired screenprint will put you on top of the best friend list. Find their work online or at the Queer Craft Market.

20. Pocket Sushi

QueerPGH Pick: Angry and Ace/Queer/Trans

First of all Pocket Sushi is the cutest name ever. It well represents the array of adorable stickers, key chains, stuffies, and more that you can get. PLEASE peruse their site, you won’t regret it.

21. Leona’s Ice Cream

QueerPGH Pick: Leona’s Cookie Dough

Usually I tell everyone to get Leona’s ice cream sandwiches – but wrapping up ice cream and leaving it under a tree seems… messy. Anywhooo, Leona’s has a holiday store,  where you can get bags of cookie dough! I recommend the ginger molasses.

22. QueerPGH

QueerPGH Pick: QueerPGH Keystone Shirt

Last but not least, when you stop in at the Queer Craft Market, you can screenprint your very own QueerPGH t-shirt. You can bring your own shirt/shirts/bandanas/underwear/flannel/etc. and print on them, for just $5 per print. We’ll also have some upcycled shirts on hand for you to pick from. See you all there!

This article originally appeared on QueerPgh.com. This article is preserved as a part of the Q Archives project. Please consider donating to help preserve Pittsburgh’s Queer history.