Pursue Your Happiness

Governor Josh Shapiro.


It is my pleasure to join with QBurgh to welcome everyone gathered for the 2023 Pittsburgh Pride Month celebration.

William Penn founded our Commonwealth on the principles of fairness and tolerance, and I believe we must continue to be a place that pays faithful tribute to those core values. Together, we are creating a Pennsylvania that is committed to being an environment that supports greater diversity and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. My record on LGBTQ+ rights and nondiscrimination has been clear; as long as I am Governor, Pennsylvanians will have the right to marry who they love and be who they are. I applaud QBurgh for advocating for LGBTQ+ acceptance and non-discrimination through education, social involvement, and outreach endeavors. This organization and its partners have touched the lives of countless people and we must be committed to continue working together to get further LGBTQ+ protections passed. For those attending various events throughout the month, I am proud to recognize your determination to face and overcome adversity, your commitment to breaking down barriers, and celebrating who we are as Pennsylvanians.

As Governor, and on behalf of all the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am honored to welcome everyone to Pittsburgh Pride Month. Please accept my best wishes for a memorable event and continued success.

Governor Josh Shapiro