Pittsburgh’s SUPA’ NxC Duo Releases 2nd Studio Single

SUPA' NxC Xopher and Naheen.

Pittsburgh-based LGBTQ+ recording duo SUPA’ NxC has released their newest studio single “CHEEKY”.

“While it’s important to have a support system that helps you see and appreciate yourself for everything you are, you must [also] have music that affirms that… ‘CHEEKY’ is a positive affirmation that is affirmed through an 808 and catchy hook,” reported Chi Ilochi, blogger and founder of StylingByChi.com.

The SUPA duo consists of best friends and colleagues Naheen, Duane Binion, and Xopher, Christoper James, who came together for an exciting collaboration and official debut in the Spring of 2021. Rooted in Ballroom culture with strong influences from Pop and Folk blended with Hip Hop and Trinidadian culture, their unique sound has already helped them make their mark locally.

From work-in-progress showings at True T PGH in Bloomfield and Pittsburgh Pride concerts, along with night clubs and private parties in Pittsburgh, the duo has taken the area by storm. Adding a live flare and fresh energy to their original compositions, the duo also teamed up with DJ Dez’manian to create a distinctive experience for all of their live showings. 

Produced by Chalfant Sound and written by SUPA’ NxC, “CHEEKY” is a colorful mid-tempo track that intentionally celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community by highlighting the bold and beautiful people who stand at the center of our fight for visibility and equality, trans women. The lyrics “left cheek, right cheek” playfully celebrate the confidence and curves of NYC-based Ballroom legend Tamiyah, “Mother Gorgeous Gucci”, and Pittsburgh-based model and influencer CaMila Ford, “Mother Revlon”. 

The duo opened for world renowned LGBTQ+ hip hop artist Saucy Santana in Pittsburgh this past June and has headlined performances at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and NYC’s OTA Weekly. 

“CHEEKY” by SUPA’ NxC is available on all streaming platforms.

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