Participate in the State of LGBTQ+ Aging Survey

With the growth and focus on LGBTQ+ voices finding the spotlight, the experiences and needs of our elder community members often remain in the shadows. The “State of LGBTQ+ Aging Survey,” a collaborative effort between SAGE’s Center of Excellence and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, seeks to change that narrative by shining a light on the lives of older LGBTQ+ individuals.

The survey invites LGBTQ+ adults aged 50 and over to share their stories, struggles, and strengths. By taking 30 to 45 minutes to participate online or over the phone, respondents contribute to a richer understanding of LGBTQ+ aging, paving the way for more inclusive and effective healthcare and services.

This initiative is crucial because it acknowledges the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ elders. From navigating healthcare systems that often do not recognize their needs, to finding community and support in a world that has not always been accepting, our LGBTQ+ eleders carry stories of resilience and resistance that are vital to our collective history.

The survey’s findings aim to inform service providers, policymakers, and the community at large about what it means to grow older as an LGBTQ+ person in the United States. This knowledge is power—the power to advocate for change, to tailor services to better meet the needs of diverse populations and to celebrate the resilience that has been a hallmark of the LGBTQ+ community through the decades.

Dr. Jason Flatt of UNLV, leading this study, emphasizes the importance of participation. “Each response helps us build a more complete picture of the aging process for LGBTQ+ people. This survey is an opportunity for your voice to be heard, for your experiences to contribute to a greater understanding and a better future for all LGBTQ+ elders.”

For more information or to participate in the survey, please follow the link below.

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