Log Cabin Republicans: We Hate Ourselves to Own the Libs

In the grand tradition of the Log Cabin Republicans siding with people who hate them, they have asked far-right commentator and self-proclaimed internet troll Isabella Riley Moody to be one of their 2023 Outspoken Ambassadors.

LCR describes their ambassadors as “fearlessly and unapologetically outspoken” people who have “charismatic and thoughtful perspectives at a time when so many people feel bullied into silence.” And who, exactly, feels bullied into silence? Maybe the trans kids who have become the target of Republican legislatures all over the country and who often have little to no community support and are lucky if they have support from their own families?

Of course not. The people being “bullied into silence” are the ones who want to do and say whatever they want, no matter how hurtful, no matter how much it inspires bigotry that leads to violence, no matter how untrue, without any consequences.

“[These] anti-left free-thinkers are ready to inform, inspire, and amuse as they join the only media outlet dedicated to pushing back against radical gender and alphabet nonsense,” reads the Outspoken editorial announcing the 2023 Ambassadors.

Yes, you read that right. The group that represents LGBTQ+ Republicans refers to the struggles of LGBTQ+ people, specifically trans and nonbinary folks, as “radical gender and alphabet nonsense.” Not only that, they claim that Outspoken, a publication of LCR, is the “only media outlet dedicated to pushing back” against this. It’s a wild claim considering that right-wing media outlets are everywhere, from the mainstream (Fox News) to the fringe (World Net Daily) to the white guy with a microphone on YouTube variety (too many to mention). I think Outspoken might be giving themselves a little too much credit here. But, I mean, maybe they mean they’re the only LGBTQ+ media outlet dedicated to denigrating LGBTQ+ people and their rights.

On Feb. 15, the same day the ambassadors were announced, Moody posted a graphic featuring a photo of herself with “Outspoken Ambassador” and the Outspoken logo to Twitter. “This is literally SO GAY!” she wrote. “Happy to be a the token straight homophobic bitch ambassador for @GetOutspokenUSA!”

But, spoiler alert, she likes gays as much as LCR does, which is to say, she doesn’t.

On March 7 Moody tweeted, “Being a homosexual and proclaiming it PROUDLY has ZERO PLACE inside the Republican Party or within the conservative movement. Just as Christians should be ashamed of and repent for their sins, so too should homosexuals be ashamed, and repent. Further, being ‘gay and proud’ is itself GROOMING. If you’re gay and flaunting it proudly, you’re recruiting. And you should STOP it. NOW.”

Wow, what a fearless and unapologetic anti-left free-thinker! What a charismatic and thoughtful perspective! Somebody call every Pride parade and get this woman on a float, stat!

Keep in mind, it’s not like March 7 is the first time Moody has expressed abhorrently anti-LGBTQ+ views. It’s not like the Log Cabin Republicans didn’t know who she was and what she thought. It’s that the Log Cabin Republicans, like all Republicans, exist to “troll the left.” They have no serious policy ideas that will actually help anyone but the rich. They think government is the enemy. They have no respect for Democracy. And they have been swinging ever more wildly toward the right for decades.

By the way, Isabella Riley Moody’s name has since quietly disappeared from the Outspoken Ambassador list.

That’s not to say that they scrub all of their mistakes off of their website. Take the 2020 Outspoken editorial “Why same-sex marriage will never be overturned, despite media fear-mongering.” Their reasons why marriage equality is safe include: “Overturning Obergefell would create utter chaos and personal hardship” and “Closely fought landmark cases do not get overturned even when the losing faction becomes a majority.” Oh, and they also say that Trump would never support such a thing.

Keep in mind, this was published two years before Roe v. Wade, a “closely fought landmark case” establishing abortion as a constitutional right, was overturned by the most right-wing Supreme Court in ages, thanks to Trump. And all of their other “reasons” are moot. The Supreme Court doesn’t give a fuck about public opinion or personal hardship — Roe was supported by the majority of Americans and overturning it has definitely caused personal hardship. And Trump is fucking gleeful about it. To think that he wouldn’t support overturning marriage equality using the court he handpicked shows just how out of touch and full of shit the Log Cabin Republicans are.

D'Anne Witkowski is a poet, writer and comedian living life with her wife and son. She has been writing about LGBT politics for over a decade. Follow her on Twitter.