Local College Students Create Drag Concert Series in Mr. Smalls Funhouse for 18+ Crowd

“Be Gay [Do Crime]” hits the stage Friday, February 10th in the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls Theatre with shade, stunts, and shenanigans all for an 18 and over crowd. Hosted by Miss Demeanor and music by DJ Nick @ Nite, this Friday night favorite takes iconic Pittsburgh drag performers- and has them bring their best to some of the city’s most beloved concert venues. Starring October, Leshy, Miss V Van-Cartier, Scarlet Fairweather, Belair Banks, and Ezhora DeComer.

”I just wanted to create a space that wasn’t originally there for me,” said Miss Demeanor. Also known as Patrick Mayoral, Demeanor is a sophomore at Point Park University. “When I got here, there were almost no 18+ spaces in the city. Not having that safe space for students like me means they could be robbed of formative parts of their college years.”

The issue is personal for Mayoral, who’s previously expressed their frustrations on a lack of spaces for college students. Mayoral, along with fellow students from the university, have teamed up to create what they’re calling a “drag concert”. Utilizing their education from the conservatory and with help from the local drag community, they hope it could solve the gap in Pittsburgh’s college nightlife.

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