LGBTQ Candidate Sean Meloy Launches Campaign for Congress

Meloy would be first openly LGBTQ congressman elected from Pennsylvania

Photo courtesy of the Meloy campaign

Sean Meloy, a Democrat from Allegheny County and local and national LGBTQ advocate, launched his campaign yesterday for United States Congress in Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District. The 17th Congressional District is currently represented by Congressman Connor Lamb who is running for Senate in 2022 and is comprised of parts of Allegheny County and all of Beaver County. Meloy currently serves as a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Meloy previously worked for Congressman Mike Doyle. A nationally-recognized advocate for LGBTQ equality, Meloy most recently served as Director of LGBTQ Engagement at the Democratic National Committee and as Vice President at the LGBTQ Victory Fund.

Meloy went to Hampton public schools and graduated from Penn State University in 2009.

“My parents worked hard and provided a good life for us. And that life is just not possible for so many hardworking Pennsylvania families anymore. I’m running for Congress because we need to change that. That means strong local schools, jobs with living wages, and health care that people can actually afford.”

“But it’s clear that more than ever, the system is rigged in favor of the well-connected and uber-wealthy. That’s got to change. We won’t do that by going back in time, but by building a country that focuses on solving problems, fights polarization and division, and works to make life better for everyday families.”

“We’re at a pivotal moment for our economy, for the environment, and for our democracy. We need someone who will dig in, listen, and roll up their sleeves for solutions that work right here in Western Pennsylvania. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and that’s why I’m running for Congress,” Meloy said in a statement.

Meloy was previously appointed by Governor Tom Wolf to serve on the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs. He resides in Allegheny County with his partner Ethan.

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