Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica Ball’ is coming to a screen near you

Lady Gaga. Photo courtesy of KathClick.

Lady Gaga dropped a bomb on Instagram recently, letting all her fans know that she’s overseeing the edit of a concert film. “The Chromatica Ball,” taken from the Academy Award winner’s 2022 20-city North American concert tour — her first since the Joanne World Tour of 2017 — will be a chance for people who missed the short tour to experience Gaga’s artistry up close. No word yet on how this project will be made available, but seeing as how she’s a big-screen presence now thanks to “A Star Is Born,” “House of Gucci” and the upcoming “Joker: Folie à Deux,” it would be a thrill to see this show on a big screen with concert-level sound. The presence of concert films in movie theaters is something special that seems to have been largely left in the past, save for concert footage in music documentaries. Let’s hope “Chromatica” resurrects it.

Try on Patricia Field’s ‘Happy Clothes’

Patricia Field is the designer who put Carrie Bradshaw in that tutu and gave Miranda Priestly that hair. She is, in an overused word, iconic. But even if the name is unfamiliar to you, you know her work, and “Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Field,” directed by Michael Selditch, is coming soon to dig deeply into her life and career. The documentary will cover her legendary and eye-popping designs as they’ve been brought to life in countless films and television series, and the list of friends, fans and collaborators assembled is lengthy, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Collins, Kim Cattrall, Michael Urie, Darren Star, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Vanessa Williams, and many more. When it hits your local arthouse cinema or streaming platform — the home of so many contemporary fashion documentaries, bless them — dress up in something wild to watch it.

Nicole Kidman gathers a new batch of ‘Perfect Strangers’

We come to this place… for weird cult thrills. The first season of “Nine Perfect Strangers,” the surprise Hulu hit, was a trashy wellness influencer “White Lotus”-style cautionary tale and guilty pleasure, made even more electric by Kidman’s fully odd performance, complete with cool accent. Well, get ready for more weirdness when she returns for season two, gathering a fresh batch of meditative retreat victims — er, clients — including legendary Swedish actress Liv Ullmann, queer go-to mustache-haver Murray Bartlett, and “Triangle of Sadness” deliverer of vengeance Dolly de Leon. No word yet on what will happen this time around — fans of season one, you know how it all ended — but healing guru Masha (Kidman’s character) has apparently resurfaced in the Swiss Alps and is ready to do it all again to the unsuspecting. We’re ready, too.

Roland Emmerich is in space again

Roland Emmerich. Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson.

How do we like our Roland Emmerich: in space with aliens or on the ground at pivotal historical moments in queer liberation? The answer is space, obviously. The gay filmmaker behind both “Independence Day” and “Stonewall” is about to unleash a new galactic project on the world, “Space Nation,” and its reach will extend very far. It will begin its life in 2024 as an online role -playing game in which players will assume the roles of ship captains heading into space, and yes, there will be aliens. It will be followed by a planned TV series, animated short films and various spinoff games. In other words, the man is engineering a meticulously planned franchise that will encompass a variety of entertainment platforms. Given that there was a minor nod to queer characters in the second “Independence Day,” we’re here to politely request some extremely fabulous extraterrestrials be embedded into this project. Queer gamers deserve this.

Romeo San Vicente will occasionally answer to “Joanne.”

Romeo San Vicente would very much like a brunch left at his front door and would tip big for it.