Ladies, Let’s Ride!

Like most good ideas, they start in diners or bars, with a group people looking to start something great. That is how the Pittsburgh Dykes on Bikes chapter was born. “The concept of DOB for Pittsburgh came out of a breakfast discussion. We started a tradition of having a hangover recovery breakfast the Sunday morning of the pride parade. While a bunch of us was hung over eating at Tom’s Diner, we thought it would be cool to all have dykes on bikes patches. I promised the crew I’d look into it and get us patches for the next year. That is how our chapter was born, and we still have a breakfast where we all meet to eat before the parade” . Miranda Vey, the founder of the local Pittsburgh chapter of Dykes on Bikes has been riding for years. “I started riding when I was finishing up my master’s degree. I was also coming out of a relationship and I felt like I needed a change. While on an online dating site, I saw a picture of a woman on her motorcycle. I thought it was pretty hot and totally wanted to ask her out, then I figured, maybe I need a motorcycle. That was 6 years ago when I got my first bike. I found a peace on the open road that I have never known. On a motorcycle, I have seen more sunsets than I have ever seen in my entire life. The world is a different place on a motorcycle.”


Miranda has a crew of fearless female riders. These women are some of the key gals in the group.

Nancy. The road captain and often knows the road way better than me. I need technology to not get lost, she knows what roads connect and go where.

Jenn(Beast) She gave up riding after she saw a horrible motorcycle accident. Jenn was our Sargent at arms… the muscle of our club. Jenn and her partner Erica still ride, but they do it off road where you cant get hit by a car.

We have other founding members of Andrea (Yaya), Jennifer (Gypsy), Kelly, Adele, and Sue. We have had various others come and go over the years.

Not only do these gals, 14 patch holders, start Pride the right way, but they also give back to the community. “Our club also tries to join other charity rides. We have had members ride in Ride for the Ribbon at Steel City Harley for the last 5 years. We have had members openly wear their colors to many charity rides such as the fallen heros, and various cancer rides.”

Not only are these women, strong and sexy, they do good while they have twisted steel roaring between their legs. What more could a Dyke as for?

Dykes on Bikes made their first appearance in1976 at San Francisco’s Pride, with between 20-25 riders, they forged a tradition that day that would be landmarked in time. It was led by LB Gunn, Kalin Elliot-Arns, Christine Elliot, Sabine Balden and Mel. The first meetings were held at a private home and then moved to an upstairs room at Amelia’s, a dyke/lesbian bar. In 2003, the organizers voted to recognize our long history by changing the name To the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes Women’s Motorcycle Contingent (SFDOBWMC). Today they register and organize over 400 bikes for the San Francisco Pride Parade

Now Cities all over the country have their Pride Parades lead by the Dykes on Bikes. With 22 chapters strong across the US, there is no stopping these ladies now. Fighting many biases and prejudices with using the word Dyke, they fought strong, held their ground and now make their mark every Pride.