It’s Tyler Titus in Erie

In Erie County, Dr. Tyler Titus appears to have won the Democratic nomination for County Executive beating a crowded field in a tight race. Titus is the first Trans elected official in Pennsylvania as the Erie School Board president. 

“What I hope happens is that when queer youth hear my story and see the journey that I had traveled, that they know so much is possible and that there is a whole world outside of those who may not be supportive fighting like hell for them,” Titus told QBurgh in March.

If Tyler wins in the November election, they will be the first member of the LGBTQ Community elected to Erie County Executive and the first trans County Executive in the nation. 

As of 4:00 pm, Erie County elections report that all precincts have been counted as well as mail-in ballots with Tyler leading with 8,654 votes — 208 votes more than nearest competitor Carl Anderson.

Carl Anderson announced that he would potentially seek an independent run, which would be against state law. Pennsylvania State law prohibits candidates from seeking election as an independent in the general election if they previously sought election in a party primary.

Total Votes 26,904 
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